Main Services

Make calls to any phone from your PC.  Making cheap long distance calls has never been easier!  Call direct from your Pc and experience great savings.

Make VoIP calls from your mobile. A supported Symbian or Windows Mobile handset with 3G/GPRS/Wi-Fi network coverage. A data plan allowing you to surf the Internet from your mobile handset, if using a 3G/GPRS network.  You make inexpensive calls directly from your mobile today.


Make calls from a device without a PC Device to phone is an easy to use service that allows you to place high quality international calls via the internet to any phone in the world without being sitting in front of a PC..

There is no contract, Internet, Data plan and commitment!  Make a cheap call on the go with your landline or mobile phone !



Download Crystal Clear PC2Phone (Works in any blocked nation)

Start saving on your long distance calls right away.  You can make direct cheap calls worldwide to any phone from the comfort of your PC.

"Best rates and quality" Calling Power services VoIP SoftPhone offers convenient, direct access to account balance and call history information.

Users can check their account balances and view their call history via the Web interface. 

To start calling dial without 00 or +, e.g. UK 442012345678, JAPAN 818012345678.







1. Light weight and easy to download.

2. Login and start talking right away!

Download Experience the power of voip calling today!